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Financial Wellness For
Wellness Professionals

Much like your clients health and wellness, your financial situation requires a unique customized plan.

At Restore Wealth Management, we aim to take the same tailored approach our clients take with their patients, by first evaluating their particular situation and customizing a plan that fits their unique needs and values.

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Our Approach

Restore believes a holistic approach is the most effective way to serve our clients. Holistic financial planning is a comprehensive approach that considers all aspects of an investor's financial life, including investments, retirement, taxes, insurance, and estate planning. By taking a big-picture view, business owners gain a deeper understanding of their financial situation and make informed decisions to achieve financial security, minimize risk, and maximize wealth. This approach offers a customized plan tailored to individual needs and goals, ensuring the most beneficial outcome for both the investor and their business.

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Who We Serve

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Businesses and Partnerships

Many businesses have questions related to the complexity of retirement benefits like 401(k) plans and insurance programs. Additionally, business owners may consider maintaining key person and/or buy-sell insurance to protect their company in the event of unforeseen circumstances regarding a key employee or business partner. These needs can be complex and may vary greatly depending on the unique needs of each business.


Sole-Proprietors and Independant Contractors

Independent entrepreneurship offers a multitude of benefits, but it also means that many individuals don't have access to the retirement and insurance programs typically available to those working for larger organizations.  Consequently, proactive financial planning becomes essential for financial wellbeing.

Family at a Beach

Individuals and Families

The financial wellbeing of an individual or family’s business or occupation is intrinsically linked to their financial health at home. Needs and goals in one arena often have a direct effect on needs and goals in the other. Therefore, taking a holistic approach to financial planning that integrates both personal and business finances is essential.


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